Itzik Gottesman

Itzik Gottesman is the associate editor of the Yiddish Forward newspaper.
He has taught Yiddish and Yiddish folklore at the Universities of Texas and Pennsylvania and currently
runs a blog “Yiddish Song of the Week.” to present rare Yiddish folksong recordings.

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    “A place of learning, a place of teaching, a place of listening, of playing, of singing, of giving and receiving – that is what KlezKanada has come to mean to me. More important, it is a place of Yiddish song, poetry and humor and a place of unforced Yiddishkayt.

    KlezKanada may be only one week out of the year but one takes away from it a sense of belonging, a sense of family with a song that lasts through winter and spring.”
    — Theodore Bikel, Faculty