Montreal Jewish Music Festival

The 3rd edition of the Montreal Jewish Music Festival – August 23-29, 2013

Downtown Montreal will once again reverberate with the sounds of klezmer, folk, rock, sephardic, hip-hop and jazz from the top local and international artists in the field of Jewish music. Visit for the full schedule!

The Montreal Jewish Music Festival  is the latest addition to Montreal’s already vibrant summer calendar and brings the best in traditional and contemporary Jewish music to the streets of Montreal. The events are primarily located in venues throughout the downtown core, and especially around St. Laurent Blvd. (Aka The Main), the street where for over one hundred years the Montreal Jewish community thrived and where Montreal’s multicultural face shines. Come and discover top local, national and international artists performing a wide variety of Jewish music ranging from hip hop and rock to traditional klezmer and Sephardic music. Enjoy!

The festival is presented by KLEZKANADA in collaboration with The Jewish Community Foundation of Montreal and Federation CJA.


    It’s difficult to express through words the amount of artistic influence that KlezKanada has had on my life. The week spent being surrounded by old and new Jewish culture has helped open up pathways of creativity that have led to some of my most personal works. Most importantly, the people involved in the summer program are some of the nicest people you will ever meet, people who are dedicated to being good artists and good human beings as well. — Zachary Klein, Scholarship Student