“A place of learning, a place of teaching, a place of listening, of playing, of singing, of giving and receiving –
that is what KlezKanada
has come to mean to me.

More important, it is a place of Yiddish song, poetry and humor and a place of unforced Yiddishkayt.

KlezKanada may be only one week out of the year but one takes away from it a sense of belonging, a sense of family with a song that lasts through winter and spring.”

Theodore Bikel, Faculty, z''l

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  • GEEEET YOUR MERCH!!! A call to all KlezKanada enthusiasts who didn't have the chance to buy a bunny sticker, t-shirt, or lapel pin this year: you can now buy our beautiful 2019 merch at klezkanada.bandcamp.com/merch 
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  • Moving day...Stay tuned to see our new office! 📦
  • Looking through the KlezKanada archives today...#tbt to 1997 
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  • A beautiful end to a very rich week! Our summer retreat in the Laurentians may be over but the fun continues this evening at our Afterparty ... featuring @franandflora @ariane_morin Daniel Kahn and Trio Yas who will get you up and dancing!!!! #klezkanada24 Doors open at 7:30pm at Sala Rosa... #klezmer #montreal #plateaumontroyal
  • #klezkanada24's newest participant!
  • Time for the backwards march! 
  • The KlezKanada 1920s Speakeasy was last night! We sashayed and swayed all night long 🎵🎵🎶🎶🎵