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  • another #tbt to a few of our beautiful brochures from years past! 🎪 Tomorrow we will be exactly 1 month away from our 2019 summer retreat! Who else is excited to be jamming and dancing by the lake all week long? 
Design (most years): Avia Moore
  • Cozy in the KlezKanada office, working hard to get everything ready for you this summer~ There are so many wonderful things coming your way in only a little over a month and we are so excited to be there 🎉 Prepare yourself, it's going to be amazing!

  • In Benny’s words: ‘In the language of Jewish symbols, many creatures are depicted looking backwards, like the deer in the painting “Ehrlichkayt,” touching his nose with his hoof, thereby creating a circle. Often, we cannot go forward without looking backward.” This is a wonderful concept to have in mind when thinking about KlezKanada, where Jewish heritage and ever-evolving contemporary artistic creation coexist and inspire. 
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Ehrlickayt. Acrylic on Canvas, 2007.
The Navigator. Mixed media on wood, 2005. 
Golden Bird. From the installation "In the Sack of the wind. Acrylic on plywood, 2010
  • Today, we're excited to share our artwork for 2019!
Drawing on our theme of Untold Stories, our 2019 design will be featured on our printed materials and on our t-shirts. And, for the first time...enamel pins!

Artwork by Avia Moore @aviochke 
#klezkanada24 #klezkanada #yiddishculture #jewishfestival #untoldstories
  • #tbt: some "vintage" merch for your perusal 🥁🎈 #klezkanada24
  • So many ways to make art at #klezkanada... Whatever your preferred mode of creation is, you'll find a way to make something beautiful this summer! 🌞 Come try out a variety of media (including printmaking and watercolours!) with Benny on his interactive art installation YIDDISH GOES INTO THE WILD. 
Benny Ferdman. "Flash cards". Acrylic on paper, 2015. 
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  • Feast your eyes on a couple more of Benny's extraordinary artworks! 
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Di Yiddishe Folks Bibliotek, Ink on paper, 2009. 
Shout in the Ear of Jerusalem, 2007.